Virus Issue 2

René L. Reingard reingard at
Thu Mar 24 15:50:53 UTC 2005

Hi Joachim

Good what you mentioned.

> 1. Don't work as root.
> 2. Keep your system up to date.
> 3. Think before you klick.

what are the benefits - regarding protection of your system - when not  
working as root?


a.) if working as a simple user, a virus attacks only a specific part of  
the system? yes OR no?
b.) if working as a simple user, hanging in the world wide web, the root  
can not become exploit by anyone? yes OR no?

what we realy know about viruses, trojans and others? are the ones we  
know, not allways somewhat the tip of the iceberg? the iceberg of what is  
truly possible?


c.) could it not be true, that much more powerful attacks are possible,  
unknown to our limited thinking?
d.) what about a virus, trojan or whatever, allready on your machine,  
hidden and unknown to you, which has the power to take over control of  
your system, when he likes?

interested to think more on that.

kind regards,

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