Virus Issue

john levin john at
Tue Mar 22 17:09:50 UTC 2005

albi wrote:
> well, it reminds me of the Bliss-story -really- went, Bliss was a proof of
> concept, the author pf Bliss wanted to show that it is/was possible to create
> a virus for Linux, the author informed a person from Redhat or some
> Redhat-list at that time
> what happened then that McAfee said that it found the very first virus for
> Linux and that they had an updated version of their antivirus-scanner,
> however i've read in a linux-list at that time that the Bliss-virus had to
> be manually started as root to be really doing bad things and there was a
> simple solution to get rid of it, and i think the author of Bliss even had
> it made to do some sort of logging so you could see what it did
> i find this typical behavior of antivirus-companies, they try to disinform
> you (MS-Windows is a breedingplace for viruses in general), and scare you
> so you will buy their software, but what McAfee did in this is imho
> hilarious

There was a very similar scare with Mac OS X last year: a proof of 
concept trojan (MP3Concept) being blown out of all proportion by a 
security firm.


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