Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Tue Mar 22 18:51:41 UTC 2005

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Re: Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs, p2p

been out of discussion groups for a while i forgot about threads and stuff

> It sounds to me like you have a hardware problem - either with burning
> or your burner disliking your media (my combodrive does not like
> booting from CDRW-media).

did not have that problem with Knoppix.
Mephis did not like the combodrive - found it on their site.
> Since your bandwidth appears to be good enough, perhaps you should try
> a diskette based FTP-install instead?

Wanted to run the Live disc to see if there some problem before trying
an install.  I can barely function on the "fresh off the boat" newbie
level as it is.


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