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On Tue, 22 Mar 2005 11:53:05 -0500, Buffalo Soldier
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> What I would suggest to you is not to create a root user the first
> instant you use Ubuntu. In a single user desktop environment sudo is a
> lot less hassle. Give yourself and sudo a chance to get to know each
> other first before abandoning it. But if after a few weeks you're still
> uncomfortable, then it's fair to pass judgement.
> But then again these are all just my personal opinion :)

I agree. When I came to Ubuntu from Slackware->Red Hat->Fedora, the
first thing I said was WTF, and turned on the root account. Since this
was my first experience with Debian, I forced myself to turn it back
off and live with sudo for a while. I haven't gone back, though I'll
occasionally (if I have a lot of rooting around to do) type something

sudo -s

But I find myself even doing that less and less. Give it a try!


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