Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs, p2p

Tab Gilbert tabbox at
Tue Mar 22 16:47:44 UTC 2005

> aha! If it's done in 10 minutes, it's not burning at 1x. What command
> are using to burn? Are you using the nautilus burner "built-in" to
> Ubuntu? If so I hope someone else will weigh in -- I do mine the "old

right click on image.  select burn speed 1x on the "built-in" method. 
I have not timed one but all the fellows at the hound dog pen said
that really like all the shinny new mobiles I have been making them
since their aol ones lost their luster.

> Also, if you pop in the cd and you see a file called whatever.iso,
> then that means you burned the FILE to the cd rather than having it
> restore the IMAGE of the file. (The CD done right has LOTS of files on
> it.) You see, the .iso file says "this is a file representing" the CD,
> and your burning utility has to convert it to an image that looks like
> the contents of a CD, not burn the file itself. It's an easy mistake

no, it has all the little pictures on it like it suppose to.  
Oh,  now I am starting to understand what the post above was referring
to.  Do a checksum against the md5sum.txt on the disk to to see where
the problem occurs.  I have been making .iso disks for years but they
always burned ok so never had any reason to get into the this whole
md5sum issue.

Note:  I have been trying to RTFM but there seems to be about five
dozen ways to do anything - which is good if you know something.

> to make with the Nautilus burner because it tries to be helpful.
> It seems to me that in Ubuntu you right-click on the .iso file on your

I guess I am used to a different type of bug(s?) popping up.  More
ying/yan and less of this gray fuzzy stuff.  green blowflies vs.

> the rain there's a lot of water here between Toad Suck and Pickles

Yea, the possum dog is all nervous about the lightning and will not
get out of Uncle Grandpa's lap.
so i guess the direction is do (try) the method above against the disk
and then try a "traditional" burn.

Thanks -


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