honest ubuntu roadmap (Re: [hoary] Array CD 7/6 bugs

Matt Zimmerman mdz at ubuntu.com
Tue Mar 22 02:47:30 UTC 2005

On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 02:48:00AM +0100, Philippe Landau wrote:

> although interest seems limited, some more problems that could be resolved
> for hoary release Ubuntu 5.04.  just so canonical can't say nobody told
> them in time.  i know they say their aims are that it "just works" and
> that their linux is easy to use.  the following things don't work and are
> not easy to use.  they say the problems need to be fixed "upstream".  but
> for the user what matters is the product.  i don't mind being told things
> are expected to work smoothly in an edition in fall 2006.  but i do mind
> being told to help debug release candidates when the real aim is beta
> testing for two years.
> canonical published a 2 year business plan for ubuntu in 2004.  honesty
> would best be served if they told us openly that the steps in between are
> just milestones on the road, not polished releases ready for simple users.
> even then there would be enough beta testers, i am sure.

This kind of accusation is not a very productive way to draw attention to
your problems.  Instead, detailed, complete bug reports and a willingness to
participate in the diagnostic process are most valuable.  Remember also that
many users are not experiencing the same problems that you are, and that by
using pre-releases of Ubuntu you are participating in our QA process, and
should expect to encounter rough edges.

You also must realize that Ubuntu is a community-oriented open source
project, relying on contributions from volunteer developers.  Canonical does
sponsor a subset of development and infrastructure for Ubuntu, but you do
the rest of the community a disservice by referring to Ubuntu as simply a
Canonical product.

> in nautilus when you have long filenames and the window is smaller, rename
> makes the files jump to the left so you don't see them.  also long
> filenames should not make columns larger on their own.

This sounds like a cosmetic problem, but it's not entirely clear what you
mean.  Please file a bug with a step-by-step procedure which would allow a
developer to see your problem first-hand.

> nautilus is still unstable.  now for example i selected several folders,
> went to another one, created and renamed a folder, right-click pasted into
> it, and crash restart.

If you can reproduce a crash in Nautilus, please report a bug in Bugzilla.

> right-clicking .iso files should offer an option to calculate it's md5
> check-sum and compare it with the content of the clipboard and
> subsequently place it on the clipboard.
> right-clicking on a file should give an option
> to copy its path to the clipboard.
> clicking somewhere outside while renaming a file
> should have the same effect as enter.

These are feature requests, not problem reports.  We are currently in a
feature freeze for Ubuntu 5.04, so new features are not being added at this

> sometimes shift-insert does not work in the terminal when selecting paste
> from the menu does.

Selection/clipboard behaviour in Ubuntu is sometimes confusing to users who
are accustomed to Windows, as there are multiple mechanisms at work.  If you
can point out a specific example, we can discuss it.

> ctrl-c something in firefox, alt-F4, clipboard is empty.

Please file a bug in Bugzilla.

> opening some wmv movies results in a remark about being asf.
> some highly compressed wmv shortmovies are badly distorted.
> installing very popular prorietary codecs and players
> is still more complicated then just downloading
> an additional script/installer.
> so the multimedia capabilities remain largely untested and buggy.

Unfortunately, WMV streams cannot be played in Ubuntu without the addition
of third-party or otherwise unsupported software.  We are aware of this
problem, but unfortunately there is little to be done about it.

If you can justify your claim that multimedia capabilities in general are
not working well, please provide an example using only supported software.

> nautilus does not stay focused on the chosen file.  in a windo with
> hundreds of files, create a new folder, rename, it will not immediatly
> show its new name, then will move out of focus.  or select an object,
> sort, and the object is not visible anymore.

Please file a bug in Bugzilla.

> it would be nice to have a shortcut to switch between icon and list view.
> in find file, is should be able to right-click copy.
> or show the file in the folder.

Feature requests.

 - mdz

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