Ubuntu KDE

rykel ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Mar 20 14:42:54 UTC 2005

> 2. all menu icons were added automatically to my kde menu after
> installing them from mepis and debian repositories;

That was an older bug that I find fixed now. It seems all of my recent
installs have properly added icons to menus.

hi bro,

just on tis last point...

do u mean to say tat it's fixed now in hoary preview?

to be more precise, SOME of e apt-get installed programs do have menu
entries, eg. kopete, openoffice 2.0 etc., but MANY of them don't... eg.
gnucash, tuxracer, gltron etc.

i read somewhere just a while ago tat tis is a "design" decision... i
hope tat is not the case! coz most ppl who installs something in a GUI
wants to hv those programs reflected in their GUI menu... which is
common sense! ubuntu sense, if u may...

*throttles off to solve tis menu entry problem*

best regards,



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