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I think the other reasons are good points to be considered for Ubuntu
or even Kubuntu (being KDE based) on future releases (especially with
the upcoming Ubuntu Down Under meeting in April) with the exception of
 #3 because Ubuntu by default only has free and open source software

On Sun, 20 Mar 2005 08:23:06 -0500, rykel <ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org> wrote:
> Hi matt,
> good question... first, let me clarify tat it is not a case of "MEPIS
> can do it, ubuntu can't", but rather, "MEPIS can and has done it, while
> ubuntu can, but has not".
> for an incomplete list, in MEPIS: (not in order, just off my head)
> 1.   nvidia driver is just a gui click away; (altho' it didn't work for
> me initially but tat button is there)
> 2.   all menu icons were added automatically to my kde menu after
> installing them from mepis and debian repositories;
> 3.   Java, Flash, Firefox Quicktime/WMV etc. plugins to watch different
> multimedia formats were already built in, and programs such as
> Realplayer and Azureus can be used out of the box;
> 4.   My speedtouch USB "speedtouchconf" script could start my adsl
> connection upon startup, but not in ubuntu hoary;
> 5.   My Windows XP and FAT32 partitions were mounted on my desktop,
> ready to be activated by me, without having to edit fstab file;
> of course, ubuntu has its advantages too, such as the ability to work
> with my nvidia card during bootup, xorg and of course, GNOME 2.10 with
> all e latest OpenOffice 2.0 etc.
> best regards,
> rykel
> singapore
> --
> rykel


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