Newbie Install Question - downloading and burning the install CDs, p2p

Rich Rudnick nickrud at
Sun Mar 20 06:11:23 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-03-19 at 22:48 -0600, Tab Gilbert wrote:
> > >>wget -c --limit-rate=40k a-complete-internet-address-like-http-etc
> So wget did what it was suppose to do.  Burned the cd at 1x from a
> different box of disks than the other dozen or burns.  Gets to Casper
> -udev, I think that is the name, and fails.  I have wasted more
> bandwidth than a Phish download site (sorry) grabbing images.  It
> appears that Firefox saving the bin file as text was not the problem. 
> On the Install CD I can go all the way to partition but if the Live CD
> will not work it does not seem reasonable to go any further.  The
> drive will start Knoppix.

You might try downloading the warty release. It's a known good, and
would be a good reference against your knoppix download.

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