Ubuntu KDE

rykel ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Sun Mar 20 05:43:25 UTC 2005


I do NOT know how to set up an application launcher in GNOME;
I do NOT know how to find those missing menu icons when I installed
America's Army or GnuCash etc. in GNOME;
I do NOT know how to manipulate my window settings, menu transparency
effects, drag and copy/move files etc. in GNOME; [can people see that I
have used KDE?]

BUT ~~

I do hope that Ubuntu stays as a GNOME-focused distro.

Simply because GNOME is beautiful, fast and promising. (icons, space
between icons, fonts etc.)

And that is the first impression you give to people. (spell NEW USERS)

My very first Linux box was Fedora Core, and which explains why I got
hooked the first time round, altho' I spent more than 6 months trying
to figure out things like installing RPMs vs. DEBs vs. TGZ etc. and
using multiple commandlines to do the same thing... eg. "su -" vs.

If you want KDE, simply download it from the repositories (I am typing
this in KDE 3.4 now - really cool!!), download KUbuntu OR MEPIS,
Xandros etc.

Linux rocks, and hurray to Ubuntu!!

Best Regards,


p/s. To be fair to MEPIS, it is by far the only distro where daily
needed functions JUST WORK. I know, coz I used MEPIS b4 trying out
Ubuntu and finding tat I cannot get away from wanting to have
OpenOffice 2.0, KDE 3.4 etc. in the repositories!!


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