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Sat Mar 19 06:49:47 UTC 2005

Rich Rudnick wrote:

>On Fri, 2005-03-18 at 13:42 -0600, Tab Gilbert wrote:
>>If I spoke the "language" I am sure could articulate myself better. 
>>No, I do not enjoy this but  expected a certain amount of "learning"
>>to occur.  I just thought it would be a little more user friendly. 
>>Installing a simple program should not be so major and I am surpised
>>there is not a real step-by-step instruction list that I can find.  If
>>I could ever figure this stuff out I would be glad to post it on the
>>Ubuntu site cause this is just a normal problem for a newbie.
>What you're trying to do is never really going to be a 'newbie friendly'
>operation. Compiling programs (the configure, make, sudo make install
>process James Grey described) is not something that is going to be
>amenable to 'step by step' instructions, since each program has it's own
>dependencies, quirks, bugs, documentation errors, etc, etc, and each of
>these things will change how the program gets compiled. That's what a
>linux distribution does for you -- the maintainers figure out how the
>program needs to be compiled so you don't have to :)
>You might be better off describing just what you want the program to do
>for you; maybe someone can recommend one already in ubuntu that will do
>the job. 
Hi Rich,
for most things you would better off using Synaptic for installing 
for configuration try "System Configuration" in the Computer menu (if 
you are using Warty)
Have a look at URL below, may help.

I tried to make it from my experience as a newbie.
Once you get a handle on Ubuntu you won't want to go back to Windows.
Take Care

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