[hoary] Array CD 7/6 bugs

Philippe Landau lists at mailry.net
Fri Mar 18 20:41:59 UTC 2005

just a few things i am noting on the fly today:

a file-system check should not be forced on me
during a reboot. linux should leave me in control
whenever possible. assuming what could be best
for me without asking should be left to MS windows.
i may need a reboot and urgently work on something,
so unforeseen deliberate delays are not appropriate.
an interface for regular maintenance would be
great however, with a reminder after booting
if it detects that the routines are overdue.

in gedit, ctrl-f, type xy,
the x goes to the text and only y to the find window,
depending on how fast you type.
gedit should remember at least the last 10 documents.
double-clicking a word should select everything
from and to space-characters, not stop at numbers.
search:replace trying to replace all \t by nothing
and hitting replace again when on the next tab does nothing.

Places:Popular Documents would be a welcome addition.
it could remember the 20 most popular documents or more, sortable.

create folder in list mode often does not let you enter a name.

places:right-click on an ftp server
opens the server instead of offering to delete it etc.
when i create a connection, it doesn't tell
me there is a link on the desktop, nothing shows.
during ftp there is often no indication
that there is still a (list) transfer in progress.

nautilus is slow and unstable.
when you ctrl-click on a selected file,
it doesn't deselect it.

.css should be opened with gedit by default
properties:open with:add application does not list gedit

synaptic is too aggressive, gobbling up all my bandwidth
so other applications can not use the internet.
batch jobs, especially when they are in the background
should leave space and resources for what i am doing.
also, clicking the search button not always has an effect.
i see no way of knowing from which repository
a component/application is coming.
the progress window when terminal view is opened
is so low that it's bottom is hidden.
redo is not greyed out even when it can not be applied.

the menu System:Administration
contains applications for managing the system,
so does Applications:System Tools.
so i always have to guess what tree to run up
to find what i need.

xpdf after opening a document the go-to-last-page button
is greyed out, and when on the next page
it just goes to next page. go-to-beginning also
just moves one page back.

Network Tools: MiB is not explained.
is there a place to see actual network traffic speed ?
can ubuntu warn me when i'm running out of space ?

still no sound.
now apparently because i have a tv card too (?)

kind regards     philippe

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