kde, gnome and menus

etienne ezannelli at free.fr
Fri Mar 18 06:26:50 UTC 2005


I've intall kubuntu-desktop on my ubuntu (gnome) hoary preview and my 
thought is:
you, we ... I need a way to edit the gnome menu. (something else than edit 
text file)

In fact, it would be nice if the K apps were not added to the gnome menu and 
have a nice way to add kde item to gnome menu (using kde apps in gnome don't 
seem a natural choice to me). Reciprocally, there is a lot of gnome apps who 
don't need to be in the K menu.

Is there something planned about that? Is there a tool to edit gnome menu that 
I didn't see?

NB: Also, there is the kde trash desktop file who appear on the gnome desktop.


Sorry for the strange grammatical structures, i don't really speak english :)

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