Firefox instability in Hoary

César Espino cespinoq at
Thu Mar 17 16:14:05 UTC 2005

I have a problem running FF in Hoary ppc, when i try to download any
file in home it doesn't save it, i tried many times with diferent
files with the same result, then i change the firefox download
configuration, i choose that FF always download the files to a
location without asking, that way i can save download files.

It works for me, hope to help others.

> I noticed a problem last night.
> With FF configured to ask where to save files rather than always in home:
> Go to download a file ... any file
> click save,
> click save as
> when save prompt opens select the other location
> click create new folder (to save the file in a new folder)
> FF crashes shortly after!!
> If I create the folder first in nautilus I can save the file to the
> folder - or any other one for that matter - its just when creating a
> new folder...
> Anyone else experienced this? Ill play around with it some more
> tonight and file a bug if I cant find the problem
> Tom
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