Problems with dell 8600

vificunero ulist at
Thu Mar 17 14:10:48 UTC 2005

NeoChaosX Wrote: 
> Apologies to bumping back up, but I have an Dell Inspiron 5100 which is
> prone to overheating, so I'd love a way to monitor fan speed, CPU
> temperature and such. When I tried the "sudo modprobe i8k" command that
> hector tried, I also got the FATAL error. The error also pointed out
> that the i8k.ko driver in
> /lib/modules/ is missing, but when I
> check in that directory, Nautilus shows that it's there.  ](*,) I also
> get the /proc/i8k not there problem when trying to run
> can anybody help me out here?


    sudo modprobe i8k force=1

I'm not responsible for any kind of damage of your laptop because of
this command. But I can tell you I don't have any problem with my one.
Then try gkrellm and gkrellm-i8k plugin for controlling everything.


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