Grub versus Boot Manager

Joe Malin jmalin7 at
Thu Mar 17 04:32:01 UTC 2005

As far as I can tell, Scribus is a desktop-publishing/layout application 
that does work similar to PageMaker. FrameMaker can do DTP tasks, but 
its focus is on large document creation. For instance, most of the very 
large Oracle 10 manuals (for instance, the SQL Reference is about 1800 
pages) are written in FrameMaker. I only know of one other app 
(ArborText) that is capable of doing books of that size.


CB wrote:

> Joe Malin wrote:
>> Want a suggestion for a killer app? Replace FrameMaker! This thing is 
>> older than dirt, hard to use, full of bugs, and generally the ugly 
>> stepchild of Adobe. Tech writers are clamoring for a real 
>> replacement. We have no loyalty to an OS or machine or whatever. If 
>> Linux gets there first, tech writers will follow.
>> Joe
> Have you tried Scribus (
> I don't know anything about page layout apps, so can't really comment 
> on how it compares to commercial offerings. Might be worth a look for 
> you anyway.
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