Grub versus Boot Manager

Joe Malin jmalin7 at
Thu Mar 17 04:23:54 UTC 2005

Dear CB,

I will look at this.

Note, though, that I actually *am* a technical writer. Companies have a 
massive investment in FM already; they are not going to migrate to 
something that doesn't accept FM as input.


CB wrote:

> Joe Malin wrote:
>> Want a suggestion for a killer app? Replace FrameMaker! This thing is 
>> older than dirt, hard to use, full of bugs, and generally the ugly 
>> stepchild of Adobe. Tech writers are clamoring for a real 
>> replacement. We have no loyalty to an OS or machine or whatever. If 
>> Linux gets there first, tech writers will follow.
>> Joe
> Have you tried Scribus (
> I don't know anything about page layout apps, so can't really comment 
> on how it compares to commercial offerings. Might be worth a look for 
> you anyway.
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