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Thu Mar 17 01:00:06 UTC 2005

On Thu, 17 Mar 2005 02:51:26 +0200, Ari Torhamo
<ari.torhamo at saunalahti.fi> wrote:
> ke, 2005-03-16 kello 19:53 +0100, René L. Reingard kirjoitti:
> > Dear Vince,
> >
> > you are fast in reply - you guy must sit in front of the computer half
> > your life! right?
> > correction: this machine has 256 RAM. but, anyhow.
> >
> > the loading in the beginng (before entering name ans password) takes time
> > (at least compared to XP on the same machine). i guess about one minute
> > (?). after name and password, Gnome starts within 20 to 25 seconds (?). i
> > haven't checked the real time so far.
> I was helping one of my brothers today to install Windows XP on his PC
> and noticed that in XP the booting process doesn't stop when you see the
> desktop. Instead you will have to wait for quite a while after that to
> be actually able to launch an application. You may click to start it,
> but it won't start until the boot process is over. 

That's very true. Win 98 does the same thing. 

> In Ubuntu, when the
> desktop comes visible you are ready for work. I don't have a dual boot
> system, so I can't time the boot processes, but if some one has done it,
> it would be interesting to hear the results.
> Regards,
> Ari
> P.S. When this brother of mine soon buys a new hard disk, he'll probably
> move to Ubuntu for everything else and use Windows just for games (and
> perhaps for making MIDI music). I have already two of my brothers using
> Ubuntu now (they were using Windows before :-)
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