help with nvidia and agpgart on hoary

Adam Membrey membreya at
Wed Mar 16 22:45:37 UTC 2005

wylfing wrote:
> That's a good call to check your config file. If NvAGP is set other than
> '1' it'll force loading agpgart anyway.
> On the off chance that locate isn't doing its job, do a
> Code:
> --------------------
>     cd /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/char/agp/
> --------------------
> and manually check for the agpgart module. I will be surprised if it's
> not present, otherwise how's it getting loaded?
> Also, did you 'sudo update-modules' after adding the file to
> /etc/modutils ?
also doing a "locate agp"

I can see references to agpgart.h in my /usr/src directorys for 
kernel-headers and linux-headers
odd thing is, there's an agpgart device in /.dev/ (afaik that's only 
there if hotplug fails)

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