warty->hoary upgrade on G3 iBook

Olafur Arason olafra at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 14:51:22 UTC 2005

Just upgrade all at once, the only annoying thing about it is when
your close the lid or
the battery is really low it goes into suspend and when you hit the
power button or any
of the buttons it doesn't completely work, X or the terminal don't recover. 
Go to bug #1940 and apply the hal patch it should work then. And my headphones 
don't work, no sound, and the master speakers don't turn off when I
plug them in.
You can install alsamixergui and manually turn on headphones and turn
off speaker.
But if you have these problems already then just upgrade.
There is plenty of time to fix any bugs that are in hoary and you know
if you don't
upgrade now you are less likely to get your bug fixed if there are any.

Remember that Fn-Backspace is Del. In Keyboard->Layout Options i use Third level
chooser-> Left Win key, this is the right alt key. Fn-alt is the right
mouse button.
To get a cool on screen display of changing volume you go to keyboard shortcuts
assign the Volume mute, Volume Down and so on and also Eject as F12. But the
volume control work without this. Also because there is no Print Scrn
you have to
assign Take Screenshot to something else.

Install PowerPrefs this is a very interesting program, among other
things you can
change your mousepad to click when you tap. It's alt F1 to move up and alt F2 to
move down you can try it now, PowerPrefs is only a configuration tool for this.

Olafur Arason

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 20:35:56 -0800, kim1 <kim at anechoicmedia.com> wrote:
>  I am running warty 4.10 Ubuntu on a 500MHz G3 iBook and want to upgrade to
> hoary...anyone have any tips on upgrading? e.g. should I do a gradual
> upgrade by starting with the more system level packages and then add on apps
> as I go? are there any debianppc things I should watch for on a G3 iBook?
> any tips or tricks are appreciated! 
>  cheers!
>  KIM 
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