Extra keys on keyboard

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at kaarsemaker.net
Wed Mar 16 07:34:04 UTC 2005

Hello all,

I recently bought an HP compaq nc6000 notebook which has some extra
keys. I can easily map these using setkeycodes and xmodmap, but these
settings are lost after reboot (and the xmodmap settings are also just
for one user).

Is there some way to make these settings permanent? Currently I simply
put a script in /etc/init.d for setkeycodes and put the key bindings in
the gnome configuration. The former is OK to me, but I would like to
make these bindings global (i.e.: for every user) and also work in the
GDM splash (one of them is the mute key and I really want it to be
available there)

Dennis K.
  And that's the way the cookie crumbles!

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