krazy keyboard after suspend

baza baza at
Tue Mar 15 23:52:05 UTC 2005

Philippe Landau wrote:

> <baza at> wrote:
>>>> Here's an annoying one.
>>>> When I try to suspend my Hoary box the keyboard goes mad when I 'wake'
>>>> the pc. The key map is fried and it inputs random stuff without me
>>>> touching the keys.
>>>> Has anyone seen this? Is there a fix? Or is my computer possessed 
>>>> by an
>>>> evil spirit? :)
>> For me I've yet to manage suspend on my Dell Dimension without this 
>> problem. Is this a bug?
> feels more like a bug farm, does it not :?)
> imagine all those little ants working your keys when you wake them up :-)
> kind regards     philippe
So is there, 'ant killer' in the offing?? :)¬


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