Hoary installed 2X - Laptop Display is too small after installation

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>>It could be similar to my older laptop that only has
>>2.5 MB video RAM 
>>which is not enough for 1024x768 at 24 bit colour
>>depth so I changed the
>>default depth to 16 bit and I get full resolution
for >>my LCD display. You can either run
dpkg-reconfigure >>xserver-xorg or edit your

Thanks, Guy -- I will try that and see if it works.

I actually ran Knoppix 3.7 and copied its XF86Config-4
file Monitor section into the xorg.conf file in Hoary.

But that it didn't work at all -- in fact it
essentially trashed Hoary's ablity to bring up any
video display for the Laptop other than an error (with
a blue backgound too - shades of Microsoft!!).

I feel I was lucky not to hear a dreaded 'gzzzippp'
sound coming from a Laptop being transformed into a

So, I gotta reinstall Hoary and do it again.

Well, one learns by doing and making mistakes. I'll
see if that suggestion works and post the news here.

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