Wardriving Ubuntu & /etc/resolv.conf

Oliver Grawert hostmaster at grawert.net
Sun Mar 13 15:28:07 UTC 2005

Am Montag, den 14.03.2005, 02:13 +1100 schrieb Mark Stanton:
> Thanks Oli,
> Sorry,not what i'm looking for, no idea what your'e talking about. As I said 
hm, i thought the problem was that the /etc/resolv.conf gets overwritten
every time.
this is something you never should try to prevent by setting any attribs
(you shouldnt try to prevent it at all). 
the right solution for this problem is telling the overwriting part to
use the right data for that.

which is what i pointed out here, sorry if it doesnt apply for you, but
i think it applys to the thread.


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