Warty : reinstalling, quick question...

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Sun Mar 13 08:41:39 UTC 2005

Currently I have installed Warty with a separate /home partition.
I would like to reinstall Warty without it losing the data of my /home
partition. Is this possible ?
I seem to remember that the partitioner has a few options, including "do
not format" and "do not use", I think. 
How should I proceed to to reinstall Warty and tell it to reuse the
existing /home partition and KEEP my existing data ? 
Should I mark the partition as "DO use" but "do NOT format" ? 
I think I have already managed to achieve this, so I know it's possible,
but it's so dusty in my memory that I would like to be 100% certain what
to do, as I would rather like to get it right first time, and not lose
my data.


Vince, about to re-install his little Warty this morning...

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