glx prpblems

baza baza at
Sun Mar 13 03:12:16 UTC 2005


>      * First, your system complain about
>        "/usr/X11R6/lib/modules/extensions/libdri.a", this file comes
>        from the package "xserver-xorg", so do please re-install it
>        again just to be safe.
>      * Second, your X print an error message about GLX and NVIDIA
>        driver not found!.  You don't have NVIDIA card (you said it
>        yourself, and it's obvious from the above log) so please do
>        remove all the following packages (if present):
>                nvidia-glx
>                nvidia-kernel-common
>      * Third (and this one is my fault, sorry), remove
>                Load	"GLX"
>                Load	"GLcore"
>        from "/etc/X11/xorg.conf" section "Modules" (apparently, "GLX"
>        is only specific for NVIDIA, "GLcore" is not used any more!, and
>        for DRI you only need "dri").
>Try it, tell us what you get (and I'm terribly sorry about my mistake).
Still no joy! I'm off to bed now, it's 03.11 am here in the UK, thanks 
for all your help, I'll post a bugreport on this problem along with all 
the logs.


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