Intel i855GM hardware acceleration

Santiago Erquicia santiago.erquicia at
Sat Mar 12 23:32:23 UTC 2005

I have a laptop with an Intel i855GM graphic card.  I was googling and
I read that one person was getting 1125 fps in 16 bpp and ~550 in 24
bpp.  The processor is a centrino 1.6 GHz.

If I run glxgears I only get 390 fps at 24 bpp.  I tried to change
xorg.conf to make it use only 16 bpp and I run again glxgears.  It
said that I was having 500 fps but gears didn't move as smooth as
before (and that was not that good either)

Any idea on how to get hardware acceleration with this card?

How many fps are you getting from it?

How to change the color depth and actually improve performance?


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