Nautilus crashes on startup

Pete Shinners pete at
Sat Mar 12 23:00:50 UTC 2005

After updating my Hoary system last night my Nautilus no longer works. At login
I get a message about Nautilus crashing. If I chose any of the locations in my
Places menu I get the same error. "The Application "nautilus" has quit
unexpectedly." The Restart options doesn't fix anything. This was working great
a day ago. I tried creating a "fresh" user account, to make sure it wasn't some
strange setting causing troubles. I got the same problem with the new account.

Anyone else seeing this, got a solution?

It looks like there is already a bug filed for this in gnome bugzilla, but it
looks like it was fixed in 2.8?
Not sure what to file, since it says FIXED, but not to file the bug since it is
the most frequently reported bug.

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