fresh off the boat

bored2k ulist at
Sat Mar 12 20:12:43 UTC 2005

Frank McCormick Wrote: 
> > I need enlightenment right now, plug-ins in browsers? *What*
> plug-ins?[/color]
> Ask a lot of the people on this list whether plug-ins work as well as
> they should.  Mplayer is head and shoulders above Xine, but even
> MPlayer
> needs a lot of work.

Uhm ... I haven't run on any problems with video streaming... rm, wmv,
mov, etc. Firefox extensions are flawless here. And in any case,
Firefox is not unix only native.

So you will need to be a little more specific. 
but thats ok , different opinions.
I still stand on -ditch windows-.


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