iMac G3 (rev a) at 800x600 at 95Hz

Bart Kuik bartkuik at
Sat Mar 12 14:27:22 UTC 2005


I've installed Ubuntu 4.10 on my iMac G3, rev A with 256MB of RAM and
a 40GB hd. The first time it automagically made a partition of 38 GB,
installed the OS, and didn't boot because the partition with the OS
needs too be in the first 7.4GB on those old iMacs. The second time I
created the partitions myself and it works fine.

Now there's another problem. Gnome starts up in 1024x768, which runs
at 75Hz, which isn't very comfortable. I'd rather have a more solid
screen at a lower resolution (800x600 at 95Hz), but I can't figure out
how to do that. XF86Config-4 seems to ignore the 'Screen' section, and
seems to run with FBDev, so I think the solution is to start the
computer in 800x600 at 95 textmode instead of 1024x768 at 75, but I can't
figure out how to do that. Do I need to edit the bootloader? Edit the

I hope someone can help me.


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