DHCP network setup completely failing on Hoary preview1 and Array5

Christian Wolf wolfchri at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 09:13:05 UTC 2005

Hello folks,

Ubuntu Hoary (preview 1, Array5) fails to configure my network - it
detects my PCMCIA network cards without a problem (Netgear WG511 WLAN,
another Netgear for

However, dhcp network setup (of course, WEP for the WLAN disabled) for
both cards fails, no matter during installation or afterwards via
Gnome network setup.

I tried of course with only one card at a time, same result.

Other distros (I tried Auditor LiveCD, also Debian based, or PCLinuxOS
or Kanotix) have no problems to get a network adress within seconds on
the same system, from the same router (Zyxel 660HW)

Is this a known bug?

Another happy Gentoo Linux user :-)

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