*.wmv files under totem-gstreamer

bored2k ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Mar 11 08:41:22 UTC 2005

Jordi Cerdan Wrote: 
> Hello,
> 	Is it possible to view *.wmv video files under totem-gstreamer?
> 	I have installed both w32codecs and xine and I'm able to see them but
> under totem-gstreamer I receive an error. I know one solution would be
> to install totem-xine but I just want to know if gstreamer is able to
> play *.wmv files.
> 	Thanks.
> Jordi
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Edit > Preferences > Add Propietary Plugins
Copy/Paste or Link the w32codecs here 
[from /usr/lib/win32/ to /home/user/.gnome2/totem-addons/

Retry, if not succesful, try totem-xine.


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