Hoary Preview Live CD Review

Tapeworm ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Fri Mar 11 08:14:56 UTC 2005

I posted this to the Live CD forum but I figured it would get more
eyeballs if I posted it on the mailing list as well...

Not being the patient type, I download the Hoary Preview Live ISO as
soon as I saw the news of it's posting. Time to run some experiments to
tide me over for the month left before Hoary is released officially.

Here is my 5 minute review of things that jumped out at me compared to
the Warty Live CD.

The Good: My USB "memory stick" now works as a Plug-and-Play device. 
:)   :-)  :-P In Warty Live, it was only recognized if connected at
boot up. In Hoary, it works exactly as expected. Haven't tried
disconnecting the device while it is being accessed, but that can go
screwy on any OS...

The Bad: Existing hard drive partitions do not automount like they did
in Warty Live. Was this a design decision or an oversight? In Warty
Live, all 3 of my NTFS partitions appeared in the Computer / Disks menu
and in /mnt. They are understandably Read-Only but at least I could see
them. The Places / Computer menu in Hoary Live only has CD-ROM and
filesystem and /mnt is empty. Can this be changed before the Warty Live
release to put things back the way they were? 

The Ugly: Still no way of building a persistent home directory on
removable media like my USB memory stick. There is a posting on how to
do this in Warty-live, but things have changed and this really needs to
be a no-brainer process. Not sure how Knoppix handles this... will

Otherwise things look great and Ubuntu is just getting better and



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