Manual Download of .debs

Matthew S-H mathbymath at
Thu Mar 10 12:31:56 UTC 2005

I currently don't have internet access on Ubuntu.  This is because 
Ubuntu is not compatible with my modem right now.  I can easily, 
however, transfer files (such as .deb files) to my Ubuntu machine via 
an external hard drive (ie:  my iPod).
Here is my question:
Is there any way to download the .deb files from repositories via ftp 
or something?  I can download them using either my MacOS X computer or 
my WinXP computer.  The XP computer currently quadruple boots into 
Ubuntu, XP, Debian, and Gentoo.  And the Mac will (once I set it up) 
triple-boot into MacOS X, Ubuntu, and Darwin.
So, if any of you could tell me a method of accessing repositories via 
ftp downloaders (such as a web browser), I'd appreciate it.

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