change of icon's - 2nd

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Thu Mar 10 16:15:25 UTC 2005

Thanks for the info Seth, I will play with all those .Desktop files
soon ! :o)

Do you know by any chances what governs the actual structure of the
menus ? That is, how to specifiy where to put the "separator"/horizontal
line, or how to plain remove it, and how ot control the order menu
entries are displayed ? Is it hard coded, or is there some configuration
file somewhere ??

Ideally we should have a super easy menu editing system, in which you
could just drag and drop elements, like Epiphany/Galeon do to customzie
their tool bar. Super intuitive, and gets the job done in no time ! :o)
Maybe an idea for a future version of Gnome, or a third party program...


On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 10:01 -0500, Seth M. wrote:
> I prefer to change icons using icon themes rather than messing with any
> default settings that way I know I can always revert any changes quickly
> and without having to backtrack. Take a look at the line that says
> "Icon=" inside of any of the *.desktop files under
> '/usr/share/applications/' to see which picture filename is specified
> for each application's icon.
> Most of the icons are implied. Others are specified using the full path,
> so those wont get changed without actually modifying the *.desktop file.
> For example, the "Search For Files..." icon for the latest GNOME in
> Hoary is specified in the file:
> '/usr/share/applications/gnome-search-tool.desktop' in there is a line
> that says "Icon=gnome-searchtool". Since I found this name implied, I
> know that I need to name the replacement icon "gnome-searchtool". The
> name of the icon for the "Run Application" is called "gnome-run". 
> But where do I put them once I know which name to use? If using an icon
> theme, generally put it under:
> 	/home/$USER/.icons/$ICONTHEME/$SIZE/apps/
> In my case, Im using a modified set of the d3a icons, so I stick the
> replacement for the "Search" icon here: 
> 	/home/$USER/.icons/d3a-icons-mod/128x128/gnome-searchtool.png
> Works the same way for svg icons:
> 	/home/$USER/.icons/Suede-mod/scalable/gnome-searchtool.svg
> I havent found an official resource for what the official icon names
> should be (since I have yet to look for one!), so I figured most of this
> from looking at which icon theme changed which icon, from looking at
> the .desktop files under '/usr/share/applications/', and ultimately from
> simply mimicking the names and paths of the icons in the hicolor theme.
> I think hicolor is the "official" theme anyway. This will likely work
> until the GNOME Masters change it. But YMMV.
> Hope that holds ya til the wiki page comes.
> Seth

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