[Hoary] "Zapping" doesn't start

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Mar 9 19:58:15 UTC 2005

> Hi Vince,
> could you try to upgrade to the newest version of zapping and see if it
> works for you now?
> Have a nice day,
> Daniel

Suddenly it started to work better (probably due to today's update ?). I
can switch channels and get the video that goes with it, 99% of the
time. However, if I select say channel #3, I will get only Channel  #2,
and if I select #4 I will get #3, and so on, it's all shifted.

Also, I notice that the tandem Zapping+Xorg, uses 99% of the CPU time !!
Every now and then, it adds up to 100% and the system becomes jerky and
then plain hangs, for a few seconds, until the load decreases a itny
little bit to let the system breathe and become responsive again.
It's strange, because when I run XawTV,Xorg uses only 1.3% of CPU time,
and XawTv itself, an absolute 0.0% according to the 'top' command.

What could be wrong ?



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