[Hoary] "Zapping" doesn't start

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at modulonet.fr
Wed Mar 9 08:57:25 UTC 2005

> Hi Vince,
> could you try to upgrade to the newest version of zapping and see if it
> works for you now?
> Have a nice day,
>  Daniel

Thanks for telling me ! There is indeed a new version in Stnaptic, that
matches the latest version on Gnomefiles.org, great !

IT seems to "work". That is, it does start now (yeepee !), but it
appears to suffer the same problem that XawTV suffers (problem
controlling the tuner when using SECAM, can't display the video). Which
I think are a problem with Hoary, as XawTV works perfectly in Warty.
I looked at /var/log/messages and dmesg, and compared them with Warty.
They are identical, card is detected properly, the modules are loaded,
but still, big problems controlling the tuner.
So I don't know, maybe the kernel modules has been modified and is now
If I could install the Warty kernel in Hoary to try to see if that makes
any difference, that would be a good start.


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