Lars Hallberg lah at
Mon Mar 7 23:00:52 UTC 2005

Vincent Trouilliez wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-03-07 at 18:32 -0300, Gabriel Patiño wrote:
>>if you want to 'autorn' the CD when you put it on a Linux machine,
>>well... i think there's no such thing in Linux as autorun.
>>That is just a M$ feature. If windows finds some file (i think it was
>>autorun.ini or something like that), it runs that file.
>>There are so many combination to run on a Linux system, I mean window
>>managers, consoles, environments, even platforms, that it should be
>>really difficult to make that works in a usefull way.
I don't like this feuture, I don't want this feauture!

If I get an unknown disc I *have* to insert it befor I can check what it 
is, i dont want it to be able to run arbritary code!

But an 'auto-open' feature would be cool.

A file listing files that should be opened, then the desktop aktive 
determen if the files have safe mimetype withe safe installed viewer, 
and open them if safe, possably querry the user if unserten/unsafe. A 
html file should probable be opened, we are suposed to dare visit sites 
on the internet :-)

>I have not tried it myself (don't have any blank CD's left ! :-/ ), but
>according to this page :
>you can just do it the "windows" way, by putting a plain text "autorun"
>file at the root of the CD.
Whatever component responsble for that shuld have a security bug filed 
against it, att severe grade!


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