Adam Membrey membreya at
Sun Mar 6 14:13:29 UTC 2005

David M. Carney wrote:

> I decided to give Thunderbird a try. I have a few questions:
> Is there a way to get it to read my local mail file?
> Is there a way to get it to use a different smtp server for each account?
> David
Ok, I've found a way on the web and tested it to check the local mail 
file :)

That's the URL, but for an excerpt:

1. Edit > Account settings...
2. Select 'Movemail' option in account wizard, hit Next.
3. Set up user information - Your Name 'Jon Doe' <-- displayed name on 
4. Set email address to 'your_user_name_here at localhost' <-- no .com / 
.net / .org suffix.
5. Set 'Outgoing Server' to 'localhost'
6. Account name - I just set this to 'my_user_name at localhost'. You can 
set it to 'local mail' or 'mail from my machine', etc.
7. Now you will get a summary page that asks you to confirm the 
following information. It should look like:

Account Name: my_account_name at localhost
Email Address: my_account_name at localhost
Incoming Server Type: MOVEMAIL
Outgoing User Name: my_user_name
Outgoing Server Name (SMTP): localhost

Now all the Thunderbird settings are complete.

When you go to get your mail, you might get the dreaded ""Unable to 
create lock file /var/mail/navigator.lock. For movemail to work, it is 
necessary to create lock files in the mail spool directory. On many 
systems, this is best accomplished by making the spool directory be mode 
01777" error. Fun.

To solve this, simply open a terminal and type 'sudo chmod 1777 
This will set the permissions so that the mail client can access the 
folder properly. The sudo may or may not be necessary depending on your 
setup, so you could also just type 'chmod 1777 /var/spool/mail/'.

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