wallpapers (Re: SSH won't accept passwords

Philippe Landau lists at mailry.net
Sun Mar 6 02:42:57 UTC 2005

>>> Also [shameless plug], I added a few more SVG desktops to my website.
>>> Feel free to give me feedback and/or other ideas that take advantage
>>> of vector graphics and all the fun transparency stuff. :)
>>brilliant as always, but i like http://nologo.org/ ;-)
>>a map of the indigenous people of the earth would be a great wallpaper.
> Thanks! I liked the general design of nologo.org but I didn't see any
> artwork there per se. 
i wanted to say i generally don't like corporate logos :-)

> If you know where I can get some data or pictures to use when 
> constructing your map, I'd be happy to play with the idea. :o)
yeah, those sick 100+ years "copyright" copyextorsion laws ...
it may be a task for an illustrator, the world populated
with indigenous people, half naked united we stand,
Shuttleworth would love it too (if you don't mention me ;)

kind regards     philippe

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