SSH won't accept passwords

Philippe Landau lists at
Sat Mar 5 12:23:16 UTC 2005

hello Aaron

> Anyway, he installed Warty from the pressed CD's and for the most part
> everything worked as it should. One of the things he was impressed
> that I was doing is forwarding an X session via SSH to my iBook. . The
> only thing I've ever done to get this to work is install
> "openssh-server". He's also done that and neither of us (locally or
> remotely - and yes, we opened up / forwarded those ports on our
> routers) are able to log into the machine via SSH. We get a
> username/password prompt, but it never accepts them.
of course i am again talking about something i don't know ;-)
through synaptic, he could completely remove openssh-server
and then install it again.
also, you could setup ssh public-key authentication.
and there is the possibility to block ip numbers,
so this is something he could check too.
also try a password with only numbers.

> I would have attributed this to internet funk or a glitch in our
> router/firewall setup, but the fact that he can't log in to the
> machine on his own LAN has really got me stumped. He's definitely able
> to log in to the machine directly - as we've been adding/upgrading
> software through the course of the night.
> Does anyone have any suggestions about where to look next? More
> troubleshooting steps?
> Also [shameless plug], I added a few more SVG desktops to my website.
> Feel free to give me feedback and/or other ideas that take advantage
> of vector graphics and all the fun transparency stuff. :)
brilliant as always, but i like ;-)
a map of the indigenous people of the earth would be a great wallpaper.

kind regards     philippe

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