Array 6 Live CD not working for me (Matt Zimmerman)

Matt Philmon mattisking at
Fri Mar 4 21:14:16 UTC 2005

Hey Matt,

>  the Array 5 live CD worked, but the Array 6 live CD did not?  That would
>  surprising to me...have you verified that the disc was written correctly?

I agree. It surprises me as well, so I pulled down a utility for Windows
that compares the md5sum.txt file that's in the root of the ISO with it's
computed md5sum for every file on the CD and it came up fine. The only thing
it complained about was:

.\install\netboot\pxelinux.cfg\default ERROR:
J:\.\install\netboot\pxelinux.cfg\default does not exists.
.\install\netboot\pxelinux.0 ERROR: Checksum did not match.

I ran this same utility on both the ISO mounted with Daemon Tools AND on the
CD I burned with the same results. I discount those 2 errors because I also
ran an md5sum on the ISO and compared with what's listed on the download
site and it checks out. I also looked at the pxelinux.0 file that's on the
LiveCD Array 5 and it was 0 bytes as well so I doubt that's the problem.


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