Bittorent ?!

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Mar 4 05:52:35 UTC 2005

> him dl at max speed only ul at 1kbps is a miracle of the Lord ... 

Ubuntu is a miracle, so downloading Ubuntu ISOs, also does miracles ;o)

> I wouldnt b amazed if in no time speeds would decrease.

Huuu, I don't know. I had only 5 minutes left of dl when I re-started
the dl with the new parameters...
Next Array, I will see if the dl rate decreases or not...

> tw if hes using bittorrent default,

I uses "btdownload" from Synaptic, there is no BT default in Warty as
far as I am aware ?

> i suggest he goes for bittornado if he wants gui, 

Nope, I find the little ncurses interface so just cute, I like it :o)

> azureus all the way [supports UDP tracking - the nu wave

I had a look at the site, hmmm, this S/W looks for "professional" P2P
fans, hardly what I need. I only download an ISO every now and then, so
the smaller and simpler the program, the better ! :o)

Vincen, happy with working BT...

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