Is there any way to speed up apt-get ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Mar 4 05:27:30 UTC 2005

> my mistake, it seems you can get 20mbps adsl, supposedly it costs
> around 300 euros/month in UK

Don't go in the UK then, that's 10 times the price ! :-O

> oh wow, just read about this 20mbps dsl, named adsl2+, seems to really
> offer 20mbps, for 30 euros first six months, and then 40 afterwards?

Ah, sounds more like it ! The price will depend on the ISP of course,
but that sounds aobut right.

> Not sure, most pages were in french. Haven't seen any actual tests or reviews though :\. 

I test it every day with the Ubuntu server !! :o)))

I can't tell you about the 20Mbps, though, I can't afford it. 45 Euros
is way more than I can afford to spend on internet. 20 Euros for 1Mbps
is plenty enough :-/
To be honnest, I don't quite believe you can achieve 20Mbps in practice,
at least until the whole world gets that speed, and all sites/servers
upgrade their H/W. Like you, I am wold be interested in seeing actual
measurement...  But for now, I think 20Mbps is like trying to get a
sports cars to full speed in narrow and twisty country roads :  the
horsepower is there, but it's just physically not possible, too many
bends ! ;o)

Vince, happy iwth 1Mbps, might eventually considering 4MBps for only 5
euros extra...

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