Is there any way to speed up apt-get ?

Vincent Trouilliez vincent.trouilliez at
Fri Mar 4 05:18:38 UTC 2005

> Vincent, did you say you can get 20mbps ADSL? 

Yep !! :o)

> That doesn't sound right... I don't believe ADSL can even go that fast.

Well, you are welcome to come around and see for yourself :o)
Or you can just check the websites of our major ISP's over here. 
This is the link to my ISP site, you can see the 1, 4, and 20Mbps
offer :

I don't anything aobut the tech side. What I do know is what they offer,
and how mcuh money they ask for it !! :o)

> I'm pretty sure the max is around 8mbps,

Offers depends on ISP. BUt the max speed is now 20Mbps for both ADSL and
Cable networks. 20Mbps is 45 Euros per month using cable, but only 30
Euros on ADSL. 
For cable, the offers are as follows :

1Mbps : 20 Euros/month
4Mbps : 25 Euros
20Mbps : 45 Euros

> and you said you could only get max speeds of 15kbps when downloading x-plane? 

Did I say that ? MAybe that was using Bitorrent... I think when I
download v8.06, I got 90KB/s direct from the server (no BT).

> Did you try anything else, or like a speed test? 

Everytime I update Hoary, or download a program from Synpatic, or an ISO
from Ubuntu, I always get 125KB/s, which I think is pretty much the
maximum that mathematics wold allow witohut compression !! :o)))

> It just sounds a bit fishy of how you can get 1mbps for 20
> euros/month, and 20mbps 30 euros/month.

That's because as I said, cable is more expensive than ADSL. 30 Euros
per month for 20Mbps is for ADSL only.
Also, I find that ISP's  here try hard to offer cheap prices fo rthe
fastest speed (now 20Mpbs then), but don't really care as much to offer
super cheap packages for lower speeds. 
I soooo wish that they made you pay for the speed you get ! That is,
since 20Mbps costs 45 Euros on Cable, and since I sue 1Mbps, they should
charge me 45 divided by 20, about 2 or 3 euros per month only ! But
instead, they charge me 20 Euros !!!! :-/
They keep increasing the speed, but the cheapest offer is always gonna
be 20 Euros I bet. Maybe next year they will give me 4Mbps instead of
1Mbps, but they will never do it the other way around : keep the same
speed and decrease the price !
It's just not the way they see things !
It's like for computers, they more and more powerful, and if you could
buy a 200MMX, it should cost 1 Euro, but you find a machine at that
parice !: Instead, you get more and more power for the same bottom
price, but you never get cheaper and cheaper machines for the same
performance ! :-/


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