nforce sound issues and new user Linux questions

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> hi john,
> while i'm considering myself 'completely clueless'
> i'll try to help :)

I appreciate it nonetheless.

> sound is handled by the 'intel8x0'-module. to see if
> this (kernel)module
> is loaded, open a terminal and type 'lsmod'. this
> shows ALL modules
> currently loaded by the kernel. have a look at the
> modules that begin
> with 'snd_'. is 'snd_intel8x0' loaded?

Nifty, but (un?)fortunately, its there.

> another guess would be: are you in the audio-group?
> open a terminal an type 'sudo gedit /etc/group'
> find the line with 'audio:x:29:XXXX' where XXXX
> should be your username.
> if your username isnt there, add it.

Again, nifty, but I'm there. (I've got a bad feeling
about this.) Should I try this in different versions
of my kernel? Could/would that make a difference?

> (sudo means switching to 'godmode'. if it asks for a
> password, enter
> your own. and be careful while sudoing, cause you
> CAN hose things! :)

Fortunately, I haven't done anything critical (or all
that successful) on the Ubuntu partition. So even in
the worst case a format and install would fix almost
everything. (Although I am writing this from the
Firefox browser in Ubuntu.)

> the scsi-thing is maybe at the same level to find.
> type 'lspci' to give us a clue about your hardware.

Nifty*3. Everything seems to match my expectations the
relevent line:

0000:01:04.0 SCSI storage controller: Tekram
Technology Co.,Ltd. TRM-S1040 (rev 01)

is (IIRC) appropriate.

Another line caught my eye:

0000:00:05.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia
Corporation: Unknown device 01b0 (rev c2)
0000:00:06.0 Multimedia audio controller: nVidia
Corporation nForce Audio (rev c2)

Could this unknown device be the source of my audio
woes, or is it a normal abnormalcy. (I do not know
what that device could be, OTTOMH.)

> and theres not one page collecting ALL
> information...
> but good points to start are:

Thanks. I think my biggest hurdle is vocabulary. Too
many linux pages (IMHO) are written with the
assumption that you already understand linux quite
well. I've picked up a rather hefty _Linux for Dummies
Desk Reference_ which is explicit if not artful.

Thanks again for the time and help, at least I've
picked up a few tricks. :)

"Faith without works is nothing,
 works without faith is still...ah...pretty good."
Jon Stewart, _The Daily Show_ 1/18/2005

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