New list suggestion - "ubuntu-testers"

Daniel Robitaille robitaille at
Thu Mar 3 15:57:02 UTC 2005

> I have noticed that the ubuntu-users list tends to contain discussions
> both about regular warty stuff and hoary testing related stuff.
> What do you all think about possibly adding a list titled something like:
> ubuntu-testers
> or something like [release]-testers i.e.,
> hoary-testers
> bendy-testers
> ...etc...
> This would leave the users list for normal user discussions and
> testing related discussions would be in a seperate place. I don't have
> any issues with the current setup, I just think this may be a little
> more organized than the way it is now :)

that has been proposed in the past, but the idea was turned down (a
couple of months ago) but with a promise to revisit the issue if the
load on the users list become too great).    At the time I thought we
should do it; now, I think the single list doesn't work too badly. 
And one list avoid the problem of users (and knowledge/answers) beeing
seperated in multiple lists.

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