Mac-on-Linux networking problems [Hoary]

Eric Dunbar eric.dunbar at
Thu Mar 3 04:08:30 UTC 2005

On Tue, 01 Mar 2005 21:34:03 +0000, Sam Tygier <samtygier at> wrote:
> mol will only work on a powerpc machine (apple macs, and a few others from ibm).
> if you want to run mac os x on a x86 you should look at the qemu project, 
> although i dont think they have got a stage where it is possible yet. there is
> also pear pc, though i dont know much about that. either way i think it is
> harder for an x86 to emulate a powerpc than the other way around.

Not really. Modern emulators are roughly the same on both platforms
since they simply emulate the CPU and don't bother mixing low-level
instructions. Older i86-based PPC emulators worked by emulating most
low-level PPC code directly but they actually REWRITING often used
routines into i86 native code (I cannot for the life of me remember
the Mac emulator I used to play around with on i86s... it was mid-late
90s, early 00s... quite good... ran OS 7.x well IIRC). The modularity
of Apple's "Classic" Mac OS leant itself quite nicely to this kind of
mixed emulation. The reverse wasn't true for Mac-based i86 emulators
since Windows 3.1/95 were already *huge*, Neanderthal-like
monstrosities of hacked-together OSes (PPC-based emulators had to use
100% CPU-level emulation which meant no PPC native code, thus a speed

Virtual PC is an example of a piece of software done right (& then
bought by MS ;) (plus, amusingly enough, many variants of Windows are
MORE stable under VPC than running natively on i86 hardware). I'm not
sure whether the i86 version provides an emulated environment or
merely a "wrapper" a la MOL which allows a "guest" OS to run natively
on the same CPU.
> and don't forget cherry OS
> sam
> ps, i added a networking section the the ubuntu mol wiki

Muchos gracias -- you helped me get going and made my partner very
happy (she's got a strong distaste for Ubuntu GNOME... and an even
stronger hatred for KDE). IIRC there's something relating to an
init.rc that needs updating in your update.


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