Mac-on-Linux networking problems [Hoary]

Sam Tygier samtygier at
Tue Mar 1 21:34:03 UTC 2005

mol will only work on a powerpc machine (apple macs, and a few others from ibm).

if you want to run mac os x on a x86 you should look at the qemu project, although i dont think they have got a stage where it is possible yet. there is also pear pc, though i dont know much about that. either way i think it is harder for an x86 to emulate a powerpc than the other way around.

and don't forget cherry OS


ps, i added a networking section the the ubuntu mol wiki

Cecil Nutakor [old_thug] wrote:
> On Tuesday 01 March 2005 04:00, Eric Dunbar wrote:
> Eric,
> i went to the MOL website and the comfirms that all the stuff there are 
> outdated, but i can see u are heavily involve in MOL, am also very intreasted 
> in getting my Ubuntu run with MOL..
> Can u please send me some current stuff to read on Mac on Linux...
> am running ubuntu hoary on a 686 machine.
> hyspah

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