Live CD question

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Thu Mar 3 04:02:23 UTC 2005

On Thu, Mar 03, 2005 at 03:22:28AM +0000, Baza wrote:

> On 3/3/05 3:01 am, "Matt Zimmerman" <mdz at> wrote:
> > There was a bug in older live CDs which prevented ctrl+alt+Fn from working
> > properly, but it has been fixed for a while now.  Did the system crash?  Did
> > you get the blue dialog box asking if you wanted to view the log file?
> No, all I got was my monitor saying it can not display this video mode. The
> Hoary Array 5 ISO/CD did the same.
> IS there anyway to upgrade to Hoary and keep xfree86 which works A1.

No, but we do have a facility for reporting bugs, and a strong urge to fix

 - mdz

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